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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

deep fried chips

This hardware hacker was
experimenting with liquid cooling for an old motherboard, immersing it in oil in a tin pan. Once that worked, he decided to heat the oil up and make french-fries in it, while playing Quake on the PC that was being slowly deep-fried along with the chips. It worked for a while, then the machine had to be rebooted (and it continued to work after that!)

Eventually, though, the strain of 120 degrees C ambient temperature and the load of Quake 3 caused the computer to overheat and crash. I rebooted it, and it loaded back into windows. Although Quake 3 still crashed when trying to play. At that point, the chips were ready. I turned off the heat and enjoyed my snack while I waited for the oil to cool so I could use the computer again.

The pictures on this forum and his write up is just phenomenal to read.


Blogger Fahd Mirza said...

Its highly pristine to visit your supereme blog again. The blockade upon blogspot is still there, but I am able to access blogs through proxy through a very slow process.

Anyway your blog hasnt lost its touch. :)

5:03 AM  

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