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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a fighter by his trade

so they've lost a boxer now.

best lines of the article.
This is the second time that an armed forces boxer has slipped abroad. In 2000 Sydney Olympics, light-welterweight Ghulam Shabbir of Pakistan Army vanished from the airport along with welterweight Usmanullah Khan of Wapda.


After several incidents of sportsmen disappearing during offshore tours, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) made it mandatory for the athletes’ parents to fill a surety bond that they will pay one million rupees if their son or daughter slips during a tour abroad.


“A Pakistani swimmer slipped few years ago in Spain. The swimmer as well as team manager Lt-Col Ahmad Nawaz were banned for life. A case to convert the life ban against Nawaz to five-year ban is pending before the PSB executive committee.”
little known fact: germany, according to their own constitution cannot deny asylum to anyone who claims it.


Blogger Xill-e-Ilahi said...

these are just the athletes. i actually know this guy who was a physio to the boxing team that toured the states several years ago. he "disappeared", spent a few years behind some counter in a grocery store and is now back and practicing medicine again in prestigious hospital.

no government penalty.

4:26 PM  

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