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Monday, October 16, 2006

titillating titles

some of my posts comes with a unique title. a lot of them may seem nonsensical but they're really not. does anyone ever get them, or am i just too random for most people?

let's take a test. see if you can figure out the references in these post titles.

link 1 , link 2 , link 3 , link 4 , link 5 , link 6 , link 7 , link 8 , link 9 , link 10


Blogger Saira said...

I only went through a couple of links but I got the Martin Costello reference. The element of showmanship. Quite like Vince Carter no? :)

3:01 PM  
Blogger Murtaza Mandvi said...

hmm only about 2 ...that too not sure if i'm on the same wavelength ...will e coyote would be the looney tunes beep beep ...for the fastest network ...and umm...helen of troy who launched the thousand ships..or umm cleopatra maybe...not entirely sure what odysseus was about ...

10:30 PM  
Blogger Abbas Halai said...

for anyone interested, since i didn't really get the response i was hoping for, here are the allusions relating to each link with some further reading about them linked.

link 1: steve austin was the name of the lee majors character, "the six million dollar man". a man who's prosthetics and robotic implants cost six million dollars and he then worked as a secret agent.

link 2: martin castillo was the name of the character played by edward james olmos in miami vice. he was basically don johnson's boss, and one major bad ass. edward james olmos plays admiral adama in battlestar galactica. another famous role of his was in the film, blade runner.

link 3: "on the edge of forever" alludes to 'the city on the edge of forever', a famous episode of star trek which even starred joan collins in which spock and nimoy go through a time portal to go back in time. this was the first thought of mine when teleporting was talked about.

link 4: "a fighter by his trade" sis linked to the song "the boxer" by simon and garfunkel. you can go through the lyrics here.

link 5: frank horrigan was the name of the character clint eastwood played in wolfgang petersen's film "in the line of fire". musharraf's book has the same title.

link 6: wile e. coyote obviously refers to the cartoon characters of the road runner and the coyote wile e. from the looney toon cartoons.

link 7: "good show, jolly good show major" is a line from the famous film "the bridge on the river kwai. no other line quite defines brits. fussing about a cup of tea is just as bad.

link 8: "the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars" or more popularly known just as ziggy stardust was a concept album by david bowie in the 70's and told of a story of a martian who comes to earth to liberate humanity. the album also addressed a lot of religious issues and the name was in bowie's words "one of the few christian names i could find that started with the letter Z".

link 9: the face that launched a thousand ships was of course helen of troy. she was the reason the trojan war was fought and odysseus was one of the few hero's who returned from that war to tell tales about it. it is also the same war in which the trojan horse was used. blind homer wrote "the iliad" and "the odyssey" about these wars.

link 10: le grande bleu is one of my favourite films directed by luc besson. it's a story about a man torn between his love for the sea and the animals within and for the world above. people really like it". you should watch it. if you choose to watch it, don't bother watching the american version. it's really not worth it.

2:39 PM  

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